That time your killer instinct was way off the mark, Jack.

I understand your complaints, Jack, so I want to lay it all out to you clearly. What we’ve got here is unlike anything anyone else has ever seen, Jack. It’s so far ahead of its time that it makes everything else look like BASIC, Jack, and don’t doubt it. Jack, this stuff is light years ahead of what every guy down the pike is doing – light years ahead. It’s the next big thing, Jack, ant the time has come to fish or cut bait.

I mean it, Jack. If you can’t see the importance of what we’re trying to do here, if you can’t see the strength in our planning, then I don’t think there’s a place for you in this company, Jack. I understand that you still have all that stock, Jack, but if you can’t come onboard this ship, Jack, if you can’t find it in you to change your mind completely, then I suggest selling that stock before we make this thing public.

Of course I’ll buy it back from you. I am going to be a very rich man in a very short time, Jack, and the man with the kind of stock you’re carrying will be, too. No, Jack, the stock doesn’t entitle you to a piece in this decision. It’s already been made. Look at yourself, Jack! You’re whining! Isn’t that a sign of defeat already? I know that this project killed your project – it killed three of mine as well. What that means, Jack, is anyone’s guess. They might be able to align with this new order we’re building; in which case, they’ll also make us piles of money. If not, Jack, maybe I’ll sell those plans to someone unfortunate enough not to be in this project at the ground floor. In fact, if you’re serious about selling that stock, I bet we could work out a deal to take those projects in trade.

Of course I think I’m getting the better end of that deal, Jack. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t offer it to you. But you must have some pretty good reasons for your hesitation or else you would have seen the feasibility of this plan by now, Jack, so you might well want to take some of the other projects in trade for this stock you see doomed to failure. Right. Yes, that way only one of us falls. Right, Jack, friendship preserved, I guess, on the stubbornness that founded it. Of course, Jack. I’ll have my lawyers draft the papers. The projects? Umm, I’m talking about the Blue plans, the 82nd Street stuff, the Managerial material – yes all of it, and all of the source – and the modeling. That does sound like a lot, Jack. And to think, we were all planning on making some hefty profits with those ideas. Well, Jack, you still may. Of course, you’ll have to license the new stuff through us. Never! Not at full price! Don’t be silly, Jack. Then again, you are leaving us right before our launch. Now I’ve got another meeting, Jack, so I’ve got to run. The company will get the tab on this one. Next time it’s on you, I guess. It was good working with you. Yeah, twenty years is a long time.

Vaya Con Dios, Jack