So Vista was a short-lived experiment. I broke it on Monday night trying to do a simple re-partition/boot record switch/OS install on a broken RAID5 array. I mean, jeez.

Anyway, Im on to Windows7 Beta, and thus far, its fine. It feels similar to Vista, although theres more candy coating and such. And I stuck with 64-bit in the stubborn hope that someday itll be better than its current suckiness. I keep thinking that the benefits have to entice programmers to write for it, and I keep being proven wrong. I think only Photoshop CS4 has a real 64-bit client, and before I reformatted, I couldnt make it open .png files anymore.

Speaking of Photoshop, Im wondering: am I the only person in the known universe who chooses the “custom” option on the installer and goes through and unchecks a bunch of stuff? Well, besides Scott.