June Gloom has been quite the staple of life here recently. Its been raining a lot for LA, too (which is to say that its gloomy a lot and a few drops come out of the sky occasionally). This is manifesting itself in my life in the fact that I dont want to do any work. I love my new Pre, and I like what Ive done so far with MJ, but I havent done much. Web stuff has been like pulling teeth – its like theres something wrong with me. I even have THINGS to do. Man.

That said, Im happy to have those things to do, and I know Ill kick into gear here sooner rather than later and have a bunch of things going on at once, creatively. Ill have some web stuff to announce later in the week, I think, so thatll be good. At the present, theres slow movement on the Il Punali front, so thats good. Hopefully soon, well be able to put the retail site (back) up in a couple of weeks. Well see.

Okay, enough of this – Im getting psyched to get something accomplished. Almost time for lunch with Brad.