And its done! This afternoon, Ill be eating the first tomato that Ive picked from the vines I’ve been growing in my own yard. Im excited. Its not quite a victory garden or anything, but its a step, and a nice way to get into growing on a small scale.

In the picture you can see that the bigger tomato is roughly the size of a tennis ball. Theyre very dense, and still quite firm. I have no idea if theyll taste good (secretly, I know very little about tomatoes), but I can imagine, based upon weight, color and the fact that I grew it with my very own love and affection, that itll taste amazing.

Ive kinda been getting into fruit trees, too, although theyre a much bigger investment of time. I think that if I have some fruits growing (next year – strawberries?), I can manage the longer-term commitment to a couple of trees pretty handily. Well see.

In the meanwhile, happy Friday, and I hope youre all looking forward to the weekend. Go to the beach, go hiking, and if youre on the east coast, stay out of the humidity. Seeing Harry Potter is a good way to do that – I want more people to discuss it with.