palm_pre_smNormally, the most exciting thing I could post on this site today would be about the purchase of my brand-new Palm Pre and about how excited I am for it, but today, things are a little different. Today I have something actually exciting to report.

I’m working with Michael Jackson.


Now, I”m not so sure what my NDA allows me to say, but for those of you who have been following my various entrepreneurial ventures over the past year or so can rightly guess. I mean, the man is in rehearsals for his shows in London, afterall. That”s not top-secret or anything.

Anyway, I”m super, super, super psyched, both for the way that this company is (finally) getting off the ground and for me personally, because I”m going to get to spend plenty of time in the presence of the King of Pop over the next couple of weeks. Effin” rad.

Anyway, more to come, like a review of the Pre (woo!) and some talk about the non-secret aspects of my current gig. Happy Saturday!