I should probably have a gigs topic these days. Man. Anyone feel like mocking up a ball-and-chain icon all web 2.0 style in PShop for me?

Anyway, I got me an LLC today! Me and Dave, doing Promptin Circumstance West, LLC. Effin sweet. Okay, well, all I did today was go through LegalZoom and pay for it, but still. Ill have paperwork theoretically in a few days. And for under a grand. Woot.

I also got a PO box today for all that work stuff. I need to get JVS back together as an entity, but thats a chorus for another song. Today is all about this thing. Im sitting here, waiting for MJ to show up and hoping to get out early, basking in the glow of corporate shell-dom. Heres hoping that this becomes one of those megacorps that hippies are always whining about. The megacorp of teleprompting. Teleprompting special interest groups, all funded by me. Yay for the ability to do evil.

In other news, Im going to Disneyland tomorrow for free.

Also, Ill probably unveil a new website on Monday. At least here. A soft launch – excellent plan! A few nerdy (and not-so-nerdy) folks can look first, before the intended rush of non-popularity.

Okay, enough of this. Back to my regularly-scheduled nerding around.