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Closer Than Skin – a poem
Jan 16, 01
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Jan 12, 01
My sister is coming to visit! Maybe even Kauffman will make it up from his 70+ hours a week of (ahem) work. We’ll see.

In other news, if anyone knows anything at all about Authorware, I’d love some help over here. Drinking with the coworkers was fun (terribly ‘Corporate America’ I know) and probably good for me, too. That about does it over here for today.

Considering the past
Jan 09, 01
A year ago I had just quit a job as a professional portrait photographer, leaving me thinking more than usual about the look of people on film. I learned a good deal about the way I thought of photography, if not a bit about traditional portrait styles and how to make people comfortable in front of my camera. I liked my job. I was good at it. Having found this page today makes me think about that time a year ago when I put this up for the first time. My world was a pretty different place then. So take a look at the pics of me that I snapped during my time as a photographer.
A little bad art
Jan. 08, 01
Taking a cue from my father’s meeting passtimes, I doodle a little when Corporate America does its thing on me.

In other news, the first full week of 2001 continues to forecast good things for 2001 the likes of which were scarce in 2000. We’ll see.

On Subways and NYC socialites
Jan. 04, 01
So there I am, standing on the subway last night when I begin to wonder why it is that I can’t go talk to the girl sitting there next to the door. Ignore the fact that the empty seat next to her has three dark little wet pools like as many piles of bird shit. Ignore also the fact that we have caught each other in the forbidden act of stealing glances at each other about 10 times each between Pacific street and Bay Ridge avenue. It takes about 1/3 that many exchanges in a bar or club before I can screw up the courage to go get shot down, but this ain’t a bar or a club, is it? People always tell me that I don’t want to date the kind of people that I meet in clubs, anyway. It’s sort of an odd thing, really, the fact that I can’t just strike up a conversation on the subway with a girl that I know I will never see again because I know that not only will the conversation fail like a remedial student in an abstract thinking class because she’s not interested in meeting people at the moment and would be impossible to talk to because she would assume that I was some kind of psycho for talking to her at all. And what’s with that? I ask you! Why the hell is talking such an evil thing in New York? Here you have a group of the most unique and interesting people on the planet and we’re all sitting there pretending that we’re all mute and carrying some terrible, communicable disease. How we justify that I do not know.
Okay. I’ve ranted enough for now. Except to wonder what people would think if they knew that they were the subjects of internet postings that no one really reads. Really. I mean, the girl in th red coat with the long blonde hair that kept looking at me on the subway this morning was my catalyst. This post would have been a lot more interesting if women just gave me their phone numbers when they were leaving the train, anyway. Ah well.
Testing the look – UPDATED
Jan. 03, 01
Well, it’s not perfect or nearly good enough, but I ‘m trying.

–This is mainly a test of the look for now. enjoy.

The new year dawns
Jan. 02, 01
When the sun rose on 01-01-01, where were you? Will you remember next year? How about in 10 years? I’ve got some new years’ resolutions for you (in no particular order): 1) shoot a movie 2) party more 3) travel. What do you think? got any resloutions? post ’em on my board and we’ll check back in a year and see how we all did. The holidays were nice, low-key and a little stressful, but for the first Christmas without my Dad, we did okay. Mom, Drew, Em, Justin, Jared, Nat, Aunt Kip, Uncle Russ, Aunt Kris, Uncle David, Nana and Papa were all in attendance for the return of Christmas–Christmas II, as well as the love of Justin’s life, Tricia, and quite the compliment of family pets. Thanks for everything, everyone.
Christmas is almost here…

Dec. 19th

We’re getting closer and closer…. I’ve almost finished my shopping, too. On the heels of the coming of Christmas comes the coming of New Years’ celebrations–do you have your plans yet? Are you celebrating with us? Maybe you should be. More on that soon (can you say guestlists?), and more on the season of giving and good cookies, too.
Seven days later…
Dec. 14th
Hosting has been an unmitigated nightmare, so I’m glad for the steadfastness (but not the banner ads) of Geocities. For now, you need to be contented with the posting of information about Venture III. After a long and arduous journey under the pencil of Mike, the special guest artist, Issue Three has been completed. I’ve got a ton of work yet to do on it, but the pencils are pretty amazing. If you have seen issue one you will recognize quite the departure from the ultra-realistic style that Kurt uses. Both styles have their merits, however, despite the polar differences between them, and I’m really psyched and fortunate that Mike agreed to do the art for the third book. Take a look at what we’ve got so far! — coming soon!
Dec. 7th
Finally sounding the death knell for Geocities-centric hosting (after five long years it’s time), I got hosting and a domain, so soon you will all get a redirect here that points to a URL known as There’s no point in looking now–the domain registration hasn’t even gone through yet, but I thought that this occasion should be marked by a celebration! So tonight, wherever you are, go out and have a drink and toast to the well-spent years that Geocities served me, from the time before banner ads and pop-ups, from the time when there were twelve neighborhoods on Geocities and not twelve-hundred. Oh how our little community has grown in the past five years.
Meet the Maker!
Dec. 5th
It’s me! Hi there!
What this means is that my scanner is working and things are going swimmingly! Expect soon images from Venture 3 and some more from Venture 2! Are you psyched yet? I am. Of course, 300+ DPI isn’t working yet, but it’s all a matter of time. Expect this page to start taking MUCH longer to load now-heehee.
Scanner Failure…
Dec. 4th
I can’t get working drivers for my damn scanner. I have Venture pages to scan and images to send up for this (and other) pages all over the net. Why, God, why?
2 updates in a day…
Nov. 30th
Somebody stop me! Heeheehee. The reason for this amazing two-for-one deal is that I managed to get a web board up and running for my website. It’s a virtual copy of the one at Film411, but that’s because I like the format and Jesse was nice enough to show me how it’s done. Anyway, check out The New Message Board! What will I think of next, graphics on this page? Just maybe.
Repost of “In the Lobby” –UPDATED
Nov. 30th
It came to my attention yesterday that I didn’t have “In the Lobby” up in the archives, and, since it should have been there for quite awhile, I’ll put it there now. But it’ll also be here for a day or so so you can read it with ease.

I’ve moved the text of “In the Lobby” to the Archives section. Give it a look-see.

‘Tis the Season…
Nov. 27th
Not usually given to early celebration, I wanted to get a little into the season of christmas. Thanksgiving was great, and if the weekend was any sort of a gateway to the season that is to come, there should be quite a memorable holiday in the near future. My thanks for a great weekend go out to my travel partner, Kara, to everyone from the reunion on friday night–especially those who told me to give my roommate shit for chickening out, to Jen, whose father shouldn’t be expected to remember me from 5 years ago, especially so early in the morning, to Megan, for driving up and helping close the almost perfect circle and to my family (mom, sibs, aunt, cousin, grandparents et al.), for providing great food and company over the weekend. It was a banner one (or at least pretty damn good for me).
In other news, my cooling solution is no closer to found, nor is my server running at capacity yet. That’s a little frustrating, but I’m working on it.
Thanksgiving is almost here!
Nov. 22nd
The long weekend is upon us and there’s almost no chance that you’ll be getting updates from me until Monday. I’ll be sure to mention the huge amounts of turkey that I’m about to eat and any movies that I saw. BOUNCE was wholly mediocre, though full of beautiful people and good performances.
HEAT!!! (a new system update)
Nov. 20th
Okay, now I know the problem. Heat. My machine is overheating like Hell. It seems like 50 degrees C is the magic number and I have to keep the thing below that. What with the North Bridge fan and the fan on my Radeon, I know how intensely hot the system can get. Also, my Power supply doesn’t allow for much space near the processor, so I’m in a bit of a quandary about the whole thing.
Anyone know how to set up a water-cooled processor system? I’m looking into that now.
Screenplay nonsense…
Nov. 16th
If this page couldn’t use an image or two, I don’t know what could. Unfortunately, I’m not near a scanner and my new computer(while working perfectly) DOESN’T HAVE AN OPERATING SYSTEM yet and it’s annoying the piss out of me. However, most of the rest of this site it updated. Anything not working? e-mail me.
Handle it like CNN & the Weather Channel–Constant Updates.
Nov. 15th
Well, things have been hectic, at best here at work, and more hectic in the small moments when I can manage to get home. I’ve got a new computer to build (which I will do tonight) and maybe I’ll be able to update from there then. We’ll see. Hope for good DSL. And soon I will subject you to another rendition of insane photography or ranting here on the main page. Thanks for waiting with me.
Just the way I like it…
Nov. 6th
Here we are, smack-dab in the middle of a little re-tooling of the JVP website. What with Film-411 rolling along nicely now and things generally falling back under control, I thought it was high time. I plan to bring you pics and stories about what happens here in this city life as well as some of the more nonsensical stuff that you’ve been seeing recently. For that stuff now, check the archives.