I keep thinking about all the shit I have to write about and then never writing about it.  Go figure. Last month was really busy, actually, and there are all sorts of things I want to mention, but in true Clapboard fashion, I’ll do it in a list.

In July, I…

  • Travelled
    • Charleston, WV
    • Quebec City, QB
    • Atlanta, GA
    • the Sierras in CA
    • Las Vegas, NV
  • Hiked Mt. Whitney
  • Visited the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere
  • Ripped tons of old video to the computer (I’m still going through it all)
  • Prepped a Brownie Project (that I shot yesterday)
  • Went to mid-month Bootie

Maybe that’s not so much, but it certainly took up all my time.  And it’s already August.  At least I’ve started it on an up note with a Brownie Project on the second day of the month and a tentative BRANDED shoot for Saturday afternoon.  I also made some breakthroughs on the 3D Printer on Emily’s birthday, so August is starting off REALLY well.