At some point in the last month or so, I apparently broke the filter on my main lens. Sucks, right? Yeah, we’ll, that filter was stuck today when I discovered it as I went to use my camera. I tried, and it wouldn’t budge. I used grippy rubber, and it just laughed at me. I grunted and screamed, heaved and hung my head. That filter would. Not. Fucking. Move.

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Now, normal people go, “hey, there are professionals for just this type of emergency. I’ll pop by the camera shop and see what they can do for me.” I understand that sentiment. Totally sane and rational. I even really like my camera shop guy.

But no. Fuck this filter, fuck the lens, hell, I’ll burn it all to ash rather than give in to a 5mm thick piece of metal. So out came the Dremel and I oh-so-carefully (well, kind of carefully, seeing as I just held it down and went at it, no clamps or nothin’) cut that fucker off. Right into pieces.

It’s a shame, really, that I can’t be rational, that the rational part of my mind just gets shoved in the trunk and gagged while I take a 10,000 rpm grinding wheel to within a milimeter of my $750ish main, favorite lens. But fuck it. Photos of the carnage below. I’m going to nail the little fucker’s pieces to the wall as a warning to any other parts that might consider fucking with me.

Oh, and I’ll lightly oil the next filter’s threads, too. Just a tiny fucking drop of oil, applied with a pin. Because what the fuck.