This week has just flown right by with nothing really of note to mention, it seems.

Ive been good about getting work done – after a couple of conversations with Shady K about re-dedicating ourselves to what we do, I haven’t really gone as far as I could, but I did manage to get real amounts of computer work done. I also started a new thing yesterday working for Neil Diamond, but thats weirdly temporary.

Ive done some organizing and catching up, and am pretty ready for the weekend, actually. Id like to get some editing done and maybe a script outline typed up, too. Well see how the weekend goes. Since UMBC lost at Basketball today (boo!), there arent any teams I could care about in the NCAA thing, so maybe Ill be working more this weekend than Id initially thought.

Anyway, I bet youre all just as ready for the weekend as I am, so Ill quit. Happy Good Friday everyone.