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Quickie this year


Hope your holiday was as awesome as mine. Immediate family and lots of food was the order of the day for me.

Merry Christmas
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Merry Christmas Everyone!


Merry ChristmasFrom me, myself and I to everyone who comes here or reads on their feed reader – Merry Christmas.

This is the first Christmas of my lifetime that I haven’t spent at my parents’ house back east, and while I do love not being cold and being able to be at my own house right up ’till the day, it’s a little bittersweet to miss the fires in the fireplace and the folks that I’d always get to see when I was in Media.

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sleep is great


So, after ill-advised drinks in Brisbane last night, I slept my entire day away today, give or take. I mean, I walked about a little, but just sitting in the room reading and laying about (and following the goddamn Eagles’ squeaker on the interwebs) was my goal of the day.  and boy did i win at my goal.  I may go out and get a bite to eat in a little while (i realized, while trying to assess why I was hungover this morning, that part of it had to do with the fact that my last meal was dinner on Saturday, and the sandwich on the plane at noon on Sunday probably didn’t count as much as I thought it did.  Days off are great for my diet, I guess, although eating less on days ON would be more beneficial, since I only have 2 days off.  Ah well.

Anyway, I’ve missed the internet while I was in Brisbane, but it doesn’t seem to have been an awfully eventful few days online or anything.

Happy Sunday/Monday night!

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Quick Update from Perth


Boy, Howdy! Time flies when you’re living in the future!

Has it really been forever, or just about that?  Yes.  Well, it’s been tiring, fun, and more than a little absurd, as you’d expect of a tour.  PerthWine_10Yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had since this tour started, and I wanted to mention it because there are so many days when I’m tired or bored-but-unable-to-do-stuff or simply sans-internet.  Yesterday was an unexpected day off here in Perth and because of the time difference between New Zealand and here, I woke up early. Quickly deciding to rent a car, I was just heading out to go wine tasting in the nearby Swan River Valley when I ran into Bobby. He was game to come when I invited, so we grabbed the car and headed out.

I put a couple pics at the bottom of this post, since I had ’em.
(…MO 2016_0803)
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On the road again (and again)


From the Unoriginal Title Department comes this, the latest installment of the unoriginal-titled epic series known as Clapboard.

I’m leaving for Tokyo and points beyond, but I’ll be in touch better than ever as long as you email me.

Thanksgiving was spectacular, Scott & Sharon’s visit has been a lot of fun (ask me about 3am steaks sometime!) and the 10 days that have led me to this have been more than ridiculous mayhem in a pretty good way.

Go Eagles, beat Bears today – show the NFL that you’re not the wishy-washy losers that you often appear to be, and make the effort to win something significant today.

I, for my part, will make an effort to be creative and do interesting things, despite the hellish travel schedule and the near-permanent jet lag.
I love you all.

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throwing away cable


CablesJust a stupid little note to show a picture of a small box of cables that I threw away yesterday while going through my computer cable box.

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Still Alive!


I know it’s been awhile – I’ve actually been away from the computer more and more, and when I *am* here, I’m working.

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He Said – Porn Star Karaoke

On The Martini

post-bodyshotSome weeks, PSK is full of absurd numbers of Porn Stars, singing, drinking and generally acting like fools, happy to entertain the civilians with the antics that we expect of porn stars.

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I know you hadn’t had one when you wrote this article, but you didn’t even mention the shot special Nikki offers every week.

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re:creme brulee


Yes! I’m always excited to find fellow creme brulee lovers—so many people are turned off by custard type deserts and I don’t understand it. I’ll take a vanilla influenced dessert any day over chocolate. Definitely check it out!

Cook Canyon Ranch
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The week goes by


Hello from the land of “I’m not nearly drunk enough for this!”

Cook Canyon RanchI’ve been home, to Florida, Alabama and Texas, ridden on a private jet, worked two shows, turned 34, and added some more miles to my AA total.

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creme brulee


I normally despise most types of sweets and desserts (I find chocolate disusting and don’t get me started on cake, blech…gross) but I cannot resist creme brulee and will order it 9 times out of 10 no matter how full I am… I’m gonna have to check this spot out, sounds delicious…

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R-23/The Edison

On The Martini

R-23 is definitely a word of mouth type place—there’s pretty much no way you’d find it otherwise. This is certainly a trend in LA.

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Porn Star Karaoke

On The Martini

The lovely folks @ Sardo’s in Burbank have been holding PSK for seven years now. Every Tuesday, porn star Nikki Hunter hosts the evening’s festivities—in which porn stars from near and far (by which I mean between Universal City and Van Nuys) come to sing, drink, and give away free porn. As Dory put it when I mentioned the event to her, you can’t get that anywhere but LA.

Miss Hunter does a spectacular job hosting—managing to make anyone who ventures to the stage feel special (from shy girls to porn fanboys) and she miraculously seems to recognize EVERY porn star that walks in the door (even though the faces change every week). I have a feeling she knows ahead of time who’s coming, but I’d rather believe she has an amazing porn encyclopedia in her head.

Each week Hunter (or volunteers of her choosing) hand out free porn, often starring ladies in attendance that evening. I have a triple signed copy of Mother Load 4, that the lovely Julie Ann autographed that evening (she’s the cover girl and star).

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Rio and the Buddy Christ


Breaking the tradition of show-sleep-fly-eat-sleep-show-sleep-fly tradition a little bit, I went to see the big Jeezy on the top of the hill in Rio yesterday morning. The trip ended up costing 50 reals because no one wanted to wait, but that was only a few reals more than it would have cost if we’d taken the train.  As if in revenge for having been ignored pretty much since I left home, my camera insisted on shooting the mot ridiculous pictures.  It rained at the top (“Hey!  We ARE in a massive rain forest!”) and was fucking freezing, but it was totally worth it to have had the opportunity to leave the hotel.

Even if the hotel was kind of cool.

ConcreteChrist3Anyway, I’m in the airport now, almost finished with this leg of the tour.  Internet has been such a pain in the ass – how do hotels get away with charging $40/day for internet?  When, do you think, will I get used to that and just sigh and pay it?  Or not sigh and just pay it?  Right now, $40 to browse some porn and read bad blog entries doesn’t seem worth it. I’ll he happy as hell to get home and sad as hell that I won’t be staying there very long.  I’ll stay long enough to post some pictures, at least.

Happy Sunday, and go Eagles!

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Wine Bistro

On The Martini

Long ago, Matt and I set out to eat at every restaurant on Ventura Blvd. between our house (technically off of Cahuenga) and Laurel Canyon Blvd. Over the past three years we’ve done a pretty good job, but we’re not done yet.  One place we recently checked off the list was the cute Wine Bistro, a nice little French restaurant that made for a yummy Friday night.

Wine Bistro is half restaurant and half wine bar. The dining area looks larger than it is, due to the mirrored walls that surround it. Matt and I sat at a little corner table. The restaurant feels simultaneously fancy and cozy–as if you were enjoying it at home. The clientele reflected this…two tables down from us sat a couple dressed extremely down (the baggiest of sweatshirts I”d ever seen at a French restaurant). But across the aisle sat a couple significantly dressed up from this (and I think on a first date). It”s always a mixed bag in LA (you can never be too casual or too dressy at pretty much any event, from Arclight screenings to dinner at The Bazaar–more on this in a future entry!).

WB offers a well sized menu, with all your favorite French offerings, as well as a prix fixe for the evening—a good deal that Matt partook in (only $25 for appetizer and entree!). I ordered yummy escargot, while Matt had ahi tuna (an interesting addition to a french menu, but it seems to be everywhere these days). We also picked out a bottle of French red (you CAN”T go French without wine), from a region Matt recently visited (M: St. Emilion).
(Mental Note: I must be better about writing down my tasting notes, because I can”t remember much about this wine for the life of me. I know I enjoyed it, but you’d be hard pressed to find a bottle of red I don’t….)

Onto the main courses—Bouillabaisse for me (in other words a stew of sorts with clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops and all other kinds of goodies, along with a very thin pasta and some veggies mixed in). I loved every bite of it. Matt had the filet mignon–which looked extremely tender to me. He”ll have to let you know the final verdict there. (M: thumbs up!)

Even though I was trés full, I can never escape ordering the crême brulée. Especially when it has a unique twist. Three miniature servings, each flavoured with a different liquor. Khalua, Baileys and Grand Marnier. Tasty and fun.

I’d love to go back soon and sit in the wine bar. Order a nice bottle, the cheese plate, and appreciate the other half of Wine Bistro. And I”ll definitely be back for dinner. If you’re looking for French but you want to skip the stuffy, this is definitely the place to be!

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the flip side of that is that I’ve never been able to spend a christmas in my own house and I’d really like to do that, too. I think Christmas on the other side of the date line can wait and I’ll be only slightly sad about it, honestly. Also, there’s not really any money in the “Money I would have spent had I come here myself” drawer at the moment, although making money on the road certainly makes the day when there IS travel money again come sooner. Christmas in LA is going to be awesome – I’m going to have a Christmas tree, even if i have to buy it from a parking lot.

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BJT – Sao Paulo, Brazil


Hello from Sao Paulo!

Today’s my day off and I’m spending it not doing a damn thing.  I’m burned out, A, and B, I have no idea what to do here.  I need the rest more than I need the tourism at this point, you can be sure.

Anyway, it’s been awhile since I updated, both for reasons of shitty internet (in Santiago, the venue internet was out every 5 minutes, so I didn’t even try, and in Buenos Aires the hotel wanted $40USD/day for internet).  I’m currently in a Sheraton downtown, into which has been integrated a home-decorating mall (as far as I can tell, those and restaurants are the only two stores there).  The room here is nice, but they made the odd choice to put two single beds into the rooms we have, and the mattresses are hard. Not uncomfortably hard, but almost.  But there’s a couch that’s great for reading and I’m on the 11th floor, so that’s nice.

In anticipation of our day off today, production authorized a department-wide dinner, so, lost-soul department that I am, I went with some others to South, a restaurant like Fogo De Chao (who has their headquarters and original location here), only this one was not a chain.  The meat was spectacular and the wine was tasty and not very expensive.  I got a bottle of Brazilian Cab that was $40US, and it was one of the more expensive bottles on the list.  Good stuff.

As far as updates go, I’ve had good shows, lots of time to read, and a couple of sunny days (prior to today, of course).  I’m really bummed that I didn’t get to spend any time exploring Buenos Aires or Santiago, but them’s the breaks.  Maybe I’ll come back sometime after the madness of touring is over.  It’d be worth it just for the wine tourism.  Where’s my import company when I need it?