So I made Broccoli Cheese Soup.  It was yummy!

Last night’s Red Kidney Bean soup was pretty aces as well.

Taking recommendations for tomorrow’s soup as we speak.  Might go to the Betty Crocker cookbook for suggestions, too.

After the break, there’s a bigger picture of tonight’s soup as well as a couple of musings about the start of this cooking theme project.

Right now, the toughest challenge has been afternoons – I have the least energy, both creative and, you know, energy-wise.  It’s hard to get over that hump, and if I haven’t made the decision on what I’m making, I can see where I’ll end up failing to complete a week.  Better make tomorrow’s soup interesting!

I also have leftover Chicken Noodle and now leftover Broccoli Cheese, so it’ll be an interesting challenge to remember to thaw and eat the leftovers.  Hell, I’m not even sure what I’ll put tonight’s soup in.  Going to have to buy some more leftover containers, that’s for sure.