half-stainedI should make myself a construction topic icon, because I’m a constructing S.O.B.
Well, today I’m a sanding and staining S.O.B. Its been fun. Okay, “fun” is too strong a word, but at least it hasn’t been terrible. And now I can say that the first coat is done. Tomorrow, I hope to sand and stain the top (pictured here leaning against the fence there, rough-sanded and cut to width, but still a foot too long), get everything upstairs, and put the legs on the bed. That will necessitate sanding outside first, then wiping everything off in a crazy cleaning binge, then getting it upstairs in parts. Yay for big projects.

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…MO 2016_1115

Once upon a time, I used to live by a code that if it wasn’t a big production, it wasn’t worth doing. I think I’m back to that now, with this move, the job search (raising the bar on “big production”), making my own bed from scratch, having vague plans to make myself a desk next…. Yeah, its back. If only I had more time, it would be a lot more fun.

Check out this pic and this one as well as the one you get by clicking on the picture above, and tell me what you think so far. I think its going to be sturdy, at least, what with the main frame made of 2×6 beams, the legs of 4×4 posts, and three 2×4 supports holding the 3/4″ top on. Add to that a 4th leg of steel cable lug-bolted to the ceiling and 1×3 cross supports on the legs and I think its going to do the job admirably.