Well, maybe not right this instant, but you should be checking out your NASA TV channel, or, if you cont get it where you are (if youre like me and dont even have a TV), you can watch it on the web, live-fed through RealMedia Player.

Clicking on the RBN.com link gives you a stereo feed optimized for RP10, just FYI. Directly from Beccas e-mail: “At … 02:16:11am EDT Monday morning, MESSENGER is scheduled for liftoff from Pad 17-B at the Kennedy Space Center.” Now you have no excuse – she told you the time, all you have to do is watch. I dont care that its in the middle of the night – its like an eclipse–you get up for that shit.

Big things in the world – whats great for one of us brings the rest of us up. Congratulations, Becca.