Oddly enough, this title is apt in two ways. First, the obvious: I just booked my travel to get back to Philly on Aug 12. Second, I had to watch the Osbournes 2nd Season the other day at work, and there was a whole thing where he sang that song and dedicated it to his wife.

Whatever, Im flying Delta. I cant remember the last time I flew them. And I have to switch planes. Also, totally weak. But, the flights are decently timed (leave and return to LA late, which is good) and theres plenty of time for me to be hanging around town while I pack up the van and hang out with my Mom, brother and sister, all of whom will hopefully be in attendance over these days.

I have an inadvertant day off today, because the commercial I was supposed to be on fell through for me. Its sad, but its good to be home relaxing after how much Ive been working since I started at the DVD place. I can leverage this day into some work on my bed, which is nice, and hopefully be closer to finished tonight than I was this morning. Im going to find a plug right now, in fact, somewhere to juice up my belt sander so I can make things happen. Yay for power tools. Soon, I might even have a place to keep them. Maybe.