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The gap in updating has been so long that I dont know where to start. List time!

  • Bootie was great.
  • Im leaving tomorrow morning for Vegas. Moms house needs a workbench, and I need bunny cake.
  • Ive been working on the new release of shoehardware, and its a pain in the ass.
  • thats pretty much it.

More later.

Oh, and the Clapboard Media Server is almost available again. Better than before.

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Its been a long time, I know. Much of the problem is that nothing is happening, really, so I dont have funny pictures to post.

Ive been working a lot trying to get this new website up and running, and working on plans to get others up and running as well. Ive even brought people in to help me, which is weird, because Im supposed to be responsible, but Im secretly not. One things for sure – it makes sure I dont slack off.

As for anything else, there was a party on Saturday night, last night was the Cha Cha for a drink, tonight is nothing (unless you have better plans) and tomorrow is… well, I dont know. Cant read the future yet.

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What to do with weak video cards?


So Im cleaning off my back desk in anticipation of building something to hold the mess better, and I pulled no fewer than four oldish cards off the desk. I knew Id been messing with options (Vista has problems with mixing & matching vendors in a multi-card setup, it turned out), but FOUR?

So Im wondering if theres something really cool I can do with these cards. I remember reading that GFX processors are really good at certain types of calculations, but its not like I remember what types they are. I figure that maybe I can buy a MoBo and re-use some random RAM (Im sure I can find *something*) and put together a system that, hell, I dunno, does Folding@Home really well. Maybe renders video. Maybe downloads porn.

Heres what Ive got:

I know I could replace the card in my WHS (and I might, but why?), and Im pretty sure none of these would suffice for a cool HTPC driver. Also, in regards to HTPC, I dont necessarily want to spend a lot of money to replicate the job my 360 and HD DVR are already doing, you know? I do like the *idea* of emulated games on the 65″, but its probably not worth all that. I guess just for Emulation, what I already have would work. Eh.

Okay, thats it for now. Any suggestions?

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Happy Saint Patricks Day!


Listen. I know today is a bullshit holiday invented to get college kids and rednecks to spend a little more of their (parents, in the former case) hard-earned money on cheap green beer and hastily-pulled guinness, but I dont care. I like it. Or I like the idea of it.

My moms visit was fun – we managed to go on a massive two-pronged hike on Sunday. Although I was getting over the sickness (that Im somehow still getting over – jesus!) and could only get about 30% of the required oxygen into my system, I enjoyed it. I was sort of scouting potential camping situations for future birthdays. More details as plans evolve.

Despite the Hallmark holiday, there is still going out to be done tonight – its MJMs final party night in LA before he leaves for the grayer pastures of NYC. Thats as good an excuse as any to go out and be irresponsible. Discussions as to the wisdom of that as I cough and expel grossness into tissues are not welcome. Ill take it easy today and thatll be that.

Happy Tuesday, too.

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Not Dead. Sick again.


Its amazing how little there is to write about when you spend three days just trying to breathe through clogged airways. Its also amazing how I can go through a box of tissues and eat 1000 calories in 2 days and not lose a pound. Can you say “slowed metabolism”? Man.

Im feeling better now, except for the occasional cough, and my mom is in town. Im looking forward to getting over there to get breakfast and start the day, even more so because I basically havent left the house in 3 days. Im pathetic.

More to come.

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Welcome to Monday


Todays the first day of the week. Ive got a lot of computer stuff to deal with, and Im actually sort of looking forward to it. I mean, reinstalling Joomla, etc., isnt really that exciting, but figuring out new solutions to old challenges is kind of cool.

The pic is from BootieLA this past weekend, which was really fun. A Plus D werent there this time (stupid Bejing), but DJ ShyBoy picked up the slack admirably. The Evolution Control Committee has definitely streamlined their show since last time we saw it, and it felt much better suited to Bootie. This time, the dancing continued throughout their show.

Enough of this – Im off to do more work.

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Considering that it took me 15 years to visit the town itself, a couple of weeks interrupted by a trip to France to put up the pictures isnt so bad. So go check em out – tell me what you think!

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Im back!


Ill get pics up later today or tomorrow, but in the meanwhile, heres my face. I know youve missed it.

Kurts wedding was fun, but I forgot my camera, so Ill have to wait on Scott & Sharons pics before I put any of those up. Seeing Mom & seeing Drew was also very cool, even if I was more of a hotel guest than actual useful visitor.

Now Im hunkered down, doing crap to keep my company afloat and myself making money. Thats what its all about, like the hokey pokey.

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Back in the USA!


This is a real quick one because Im not going to post any pictures till I get back to LA, but I survived, had a good time, and took a few pictures. I went skiing in the alps, wandered the underground corridors of Paris boneyards and sipped beverages in French cafes. And I walked. A lot. Like a holy-shit-i-wore-out-my-shoes amount.

Im going to Baltimore/DC to see Drew and Krol, the latter soon to be wed. Go Krol.

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Its okay, Im in France.


Thats me. Im in Lyon. Sorry Ive been so bad about updating, but Ive been sans internet while in Paris and with internet here in Lyon, but rarely home to use it. In this case, my insomnia is Clapboards gain. I had to wait till it got light enough to type, though, because typing in the dark is just dumb.

I started in Paris, then moved to Lyon. Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter (or who check here logged in and can therefore see my recent Tweets already know about my movements, at least a little. Im off to Valence today, after an attempt to make pancakes for the Nicoles. If they have the stuff.

Happy Sunday. I know its still Saturday in LA. Weird.

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Times I hate my job


So there are nights like last night when I hate my job. Im not sure what expertise Id need to make the removal of multiple well-written viruses easy, but I want it, although I dont want to got through the trouble of earning it.

Last night for four hours I sat and ran scans, manually edited the registry (after figuring out how to re-enable registry editing, that is), did Google searches, and swore at the computer while I tried to remove those damn viruses (virii? who knows?).

It sucked. And I have to do it again today.

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Weekend Madness


So I spent Sunday waiting for the Grammys to start. No one saw me, but then again, I didnt tell anyone to look for me. Casey is pretty easy to see in any Stage Left performance – the red dress & the boobs help a lot with that one.

Thats sad proof, but I think you can see me. We certainly can see Katy Perry here. Being in the mosh pit at the Grammys is like riding a roller coaster – you wait and wait for something to happen and you do all of your waiting in a line.

And of course, BootieLA was awesome.

I took my new mini camera and took about a million (or 200) pictures. I have yet to decide if having lots of pictures is better than having none – taking them changes the way we experience things. Smash-Up Derby was spectacular, RAID had all new golden bodysuits, and this girl had the leftover scraps and strings. I do like that lots of people come to Bootie now – it took years, but everyone comes around eventually.

What else?

Im just working, I guess. Proposals today and websites – not as much laziness as I thought Id have when I started this morning. Thats a good way to start the day, to surprise yourself with your ability to accomplish things. Things like awesome posts to Clapboard.

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Proof that basic services (like roofs – roofs? Man, English is dumb) fail during the rain. I havent read anything about landslides yet, though. Another week of this rain will change that, though. Dont worry.

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Virtual Machines


So in between working over the last few days, Ive been messing with Virtual Machines again. I have one on the Mac over there and a couple installed on my computer here – theyre my way to keep up with the latest Ubuntu Trends, and Ive managed to install Windows7 on the Mac. Woo. Not that theres any networking on there yet, but still.

Im relying on getting that right, though, because I sill need some Windows programs when I travel and am not willing to “make due” with the nonsense that Mac wants to stick me with. Open source OS & Open Source nonsense, fine. Mac-culture stuff? Not fine. Of course, Windows culture aint any better, except that Win7 is (thus far) free. Geh.

Does anyone want to fix my WHS box? kthxbye!

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The Eagles win the Superbowl!


OMG – whoda thought it? I mean, they didnt even play, and somehow they won the most important game of the year. I want to congratulate them on beating everyone else in the NFL at not sucking.

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Okay, whats the news?


Nothings the news.

The dealer couldnt replicate the electrical problems with my car (wtf?) and swears that I probably just got a bad bulb (well see), so I spent a couple hours there for nothing, and then I spent 2.5 hours at Crown fiddling around and didnt get everything done, although I did solve what I went there to solve. Thats good. If I wasnt sick, Id totally go to their lingerie event tonight.

Have I mentioned that I hate being sick? Boobs & Botox and Im missing it. Stupid sickness.


So that was last night. I didnt finish the thing because I wanted to help cook. Then I got nausea and sat on the couch till nine. Then, like a grandpa, I went upstairs and tried to sleep, but failed. Im SO SICK OF BEING SICK! Man.

More later. Car looking today.

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Im sick!


Dunno if its the fluctuating temperatures, the rain or the burning of the candle at both ends, but Im sick, and thats all there is to it. Ive been working in slow motion today, which is dumb, because Ive managed to cram 2 hours of work into 6 hours of staring at the screen.

I hate me when I do this.

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my hair is skeptical


Despite appearances, my hair doesnt make my face do that – I think this is the face I make when I take self portraits with my cell phone. I see this face a lot and think “why do I look angry?” So this time, I just said fuck it and here we are. Sorry.

I figured new president, new haircut. These things just go together. No, really, I was just sick of my hair and decided that the time for talk was at an end. Or, more in tune with the day, heres my version of BOs speech:

The lessons of our forefathers hair is laid plain before us and it is time to pick up the clippers and go to work, ignoring fear of ridicule, abandoning sense of style. In these dire times, we need to practice economy and self reliance, and I call on all Clapboard readers to stand together, and in one voice, say “Hire a barber! Learn to smile!” Anything to make this page less sere and forbidding to newcomers. This haircut says to the world that we are once again ready to lead the way in self-inflicted appearance wounds and that we are willing to work with you, whether your hair is short or long, coiffed or unkempt, to make sure that our globe is a safe place for any hairstyle! And to those looking to ridicule, know this – you cannot outridicule me! I will not waver in my dedication to the absurdity of my haircut, I will never tire in hating the style on my pate, regardless of how long it grows.

Thank you.

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After a season suffering through wild swings of joy and rage, I somehow couldnt manage to care that the Eagles went to the balmy weather of Phoenix, AZ and halfheartedly lost to a ragtag band of also-rans. This is where the Eagles really excel – taking all their potential and squandering it, losing, ultimately, to a team that didnt deserve to make the playoffs and probably should have been disbanded along with their entire division.

Ah well. At least its a holiday. Tomorrow Obama gets sworn in and on Wednesday, the streets will be paved with gold. (“Oh there are no cats in America, and the streets are paved with cheese….”) I imagine that good ol GWB will be hit by a falling house on his way back to Texas and his striped-sock-clad legs will shrivel.

Lastly, and on a non-cynical note, today is also Michaels Birthday – wish him a happy one, everyone!

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just cause I go away for a week…


Yeah, Im a loser. Sorry.

Go root for the Eagles. Go now. Then root for the Ravens.

Also, ponder:

A#1) Who, if anyone, has the right to the truth from you? Does a total stranger have the same “right” to the truth as a friend or family member? Are there situations?

B#2) What defines the term “hooking up”? Is it kissing? Sex? Somewhere in between? I have my definition, but Im interested in yours.

Ill be back later for discussion.