I’m sitting backstage in Seattle, waiting on the band to take the stage. I’m in a high-traffic area, sadly, so it’s far from a relaxing atmosphere, but at least I”ll be rocking out soon.

If you browse logged in (and you totally should), you’ll see the photobucket rotator on the right just above this post, and that’s what’ll be updating the most overall – I can upload straight from my phone there, and it”ll be online immediately.  If you mouse over it, you”ll get controls, but the photos rotate by themselves.

I’ll also upload more pictures later, but I don’t know when, as I don”t have internet available in my room.  That’s good because I won’t have distractions when i try to write (if I try to write), but it’s bad because how can I surf for porn if I have no connection to the web?  Surfing for porn is the best part of the internet, afterall.

Overall, the room is much less awesome than the place in Vegas, despite being more nicely-appointed.  No kitchen, no washer/dryer, no internet, no balcony… how am I going to clean my clothes and eat?  I”ll really need to use the per diem wisely if I’m going to make money on this tour.  I also have to buy a bunch of prompter shit, probably, although I do feel well-prepared for this trip in general.

Anyway, keep an eye on that mini rotator – photos of Hawaii are going to be on there soon.