As far as I can tell, Glendale, AZ is more of a strip mall than a town. I’m in a Renaissance of some sort, and man, what a disaster.  I just ate a burger at Johny Rockets because every restaurant in the area is a chain, and that’s where I could spend the least money.  I guess I could have gone to Margaritaville.  Geh.

Anyway, we’re on an early call because some departments couldn’t get their acts together and Jon’s pissed.  That’s fine with me because I’ll just go to bed early, then get up, load in and go see a movie.  WTF.  Maybe I’ll also get some writing done.  Or at least outlining.  That’s what I should do tonight, but I’m not mentally prepared tonight.  I think I could settle into a routine, though, with this whole living on a bus thing.  Fortunately for me, it’s almost over.

I just wanted to say hi.  Happy Birthday to Justin, too, whom I didn’t call today.  Bad cousin, me.