First of all, I never wished Andrew a happy birthday here on Clapboard. The guy turns 27 only one time and his doltish brother cant even get to a computer to write a happy birthday message from somewhere in Ohio. Pretty weak brother. Sorry Drew. Ill have to write you two next year. If my memory hasnt failed me entirely by then because Im so old.

Also, yesterday was the 30th birthday of Star Wars. Did I do anything for it? Nope. Today, Ill put the original trilogy on in the background while I work to make up for it. I like those movies, especially the first one. I did see a guy walking down Sunset Blvd yesterday dressed as Tatooine Luke.

Today is John Waynes 100th birthday, also. 100? If he wasnt dead, hed be pretty old. As it stands, though, it seems like maybe today is just a good day for Iowa to get some free publicity.

Happy Saturday, everyone. Katie, Amy and Andy are coming in a few hours, so I need to be getting some work done before that. Off I go. But first Ill go grab Star Wars.