At Worlds End… or just at 12:30am, which was the first un-sold out time that we could make, what with the busy schedule of PA work of Casey and all. Its going to require a nap beforehand to make it through (considering how tired I was last night at 10pm, Im probably going to suffer a bit for this one), but Im psyched for 2 hours and 45 minutes of nonsensical battling.

Im also resigned to swimming home in a river of drool, but thats a different story.

So tell me what you think of it, gentle readers, and Ill do the same. It cant be worse than Spider-Man 3, which was as appealing as technicolor vomit, both in style and in substance. Maybe theyll even make this one good enough to make up for PIRATES 2s near-disaster. Only maybe, but still.

Shiver me timbers, mateys! Shiver em right quick! Aarrrrrrr!