The weekend slid by fast. Katie, Andy and Amy came for Saturday, which turned into Saturday afternoon after airport snafus, and then Saturday night at the Dime. It was a good time, although the New Yorkers were tired. My car battery died on Sunday, necessitating a bunch of research into the best way to acquire a new one, a task which has yet to be completed because it seems that car batteries are $75. Weak.

PIRATES 3 was decent – I feel like it was as good as it could have been, given the insane situations set up by the second one. The various pirates were full-fledged witches now, too, which was totally lame, and when Jack Sparrow was in Davey Jones Locker, it was more like THE CELL than the watery grave that any sane person would imagine. There was some swordplay, but maybe not enough, but Jacks flying around using the ropes was pretty cool to watch. All-in-all, flawed, but LOADS less shitty than SPIDER-MAN 3, so that was good.

Casey & I also caught THE TV SET in the first of what Im going to try to make a weekly Monday night movie thing. It was decent, if meandering, and well-acted all around. I found it hard to sympathize with the main character, for whose “problems” I would gladly give a hearty sum. I also didnt care about the cliche “you work too much” homelife troubles of the British executive, especially because they added up to nothing at the end of the flick.

Come to next weeks movie night – if youre interested, Ill send you an e-mail about what well be seeing. I have no idea what itll be yet, but suggestions are always welcome.

Happy Tuesday!