This week, you get a weekend update 2 days early! Youre seeing into the future! The future is seeing into you! Gross!

Tonight is KS birthday party (Happy Belated to you, also!), and then tomorrow morning is a drive down to San Diego where I shall spend 2 days in bliss. Or 2 days in San Diego. This is two times in a month for this town – theyve gotta be getting sick of me by now. Its absurd. The scoreboard for my visits to San Diego since I moved to LA:

[align=center]First 2.8 years: 0Last .2 years: 2


Ridiculous. But not bad, as every time I go I get to see Steve in the wild. And this weekend, this special pair of days, this period of pure insanity will also be boasting a pre-nuptial Becca! You dont see those every day.

Expect some pictures and maybe some on-the-road updates, as Ive got both a digital camera and the ability to post from anywhere you can find a cell signal. Woot.