[align=center]Narcissism – alive and well on clapboard!

Thanks to the scissors and patience of KS, Im now sportin a new, sexy look. I may have to use product to make it look right, but well see – Im not sure how I feel about product in my hair. Its worth exploring, though.

Emily and I got back from Vegas at just after 1am on Sunday night. Not too much traffic except for right before LA, where we were stuck for an additional 1.5 hours or so. Vegas traffic sucks. Heres a picture of our Easter dinner crew.

It was a good time – I love being able to see everyone. Rods place is great and just off Las Vegas Blvd. about 2 miles south of the strip. Theres definitely another visit in my future, especially after my mom gets there this summer.

Thats about all for now – work is calling. Im adding products to the new site today and configuring them. Fun!