I know that Tuesday is a little MORE post-weekend than is usually proper, but with my spotty internet, I do what I can and what I must. Ive got a ton of work to do that I havent been able to accomplish because of the annoying spottiness of my connection. Because I have so much crap to be doing, Im going to wait on the picture uploads for a little while longer, too. Theyll get up eventually.

It was great seeing Becca! The weekend was fun in a low-key, chillin-with-friends sort of way, and that was just what I was looking for. Somehow, I managed to end up tired anyway. go figure.

I got to the San Diego Zoo for the first time, which was cool, and to an Air and Space museum thats sort of in the same vicinity. Seeing the old airplanes made me think a lot about building my own plane or helicopter (as if I needed another hobby), but at the end of the day, I think its too much for me to undertake. Besides, the engine from the enduro sitting in my moms lean-to is only a 12.5hp pigmy, if internet rumors are to be believed.

Okay, Im off to do some more work before my internet connection fails again. Think Time Warner is going to offer me anything for the headache and lost revenue that the internet outages have been causing me? Not at all.