If you like fights and violence, sword-and-sandals flicks and stylized-to-hell imagery of ancient Greece, then youll love this movie. It wasnt an epic – it was actually a very small movie about the fight for the freedom of Greece, but that worked in its favor. I think there were some forced issues (they talk about freedom a lot, but theres not a lot of set up for that, for example) and the beginning voiceover didnt really work as well as it did further down the road (maybe a little more establishing who these men were would have helped), but whatever – there was a solid hour of fighting that was never boring or repetitive.

Also, the most distracting abs ever in a movie. All of the men had distracting abs. It was pretty amazing. For their part, the two women in the movie had pretty distracting nipples, but there were only fleeting glimpses of those, while the abs dominated the screen for the better part of the film.

Okay, enough gay porn talk. Go catch the flick and tell me what you think. In the interest of full disclosure, I worked for the company that put together 100% of the financing for that movie and didnt think Id enjoy it as much as I did. The script was good (although the version I read was relatively different from the final film), but I didnt know if the team behind it could get the movie done. Good job proving me mostly wrong.