Clapboards Media Server has officially entered Alpha!

Yesterday I started to think about the media server differently, and managed to figure out how to get some software installed that will eventually run on a subdomain and allow users to connect and stream any of the songs in the collection. Right now, it looks like itll only do music (no movies or TV shows yet), but until I get way more bandwidth, space, and a way to run BitTorrent right from the server (so I dont have to download things here and then upload them via FTP to the server), theres no practical need for video streaming.

Then again, who needs practical?

CMS is scheduled to come out of Alpha this afternoon and then to enter Beta, a time when Ill have testers who help me determine exactly what type of usage Im looking at over the long run. Once thats done, Ill figure out whether I can afford to run this server without charging. If I was better at math, I could probably figure it out at least roughly on my own, but the KB/s –> streamed bandwidth conversion is beyond me. Google may help, but theres nothing like real-world experience.

Anyway, theres a post in the forums about this, so if you have any thoughts, feature requests, advice, whatever, let me know there or in a comment here.