*cough* *cough*

Back to the grindstone for me. This involves computer work and looking for jobs – two of the least glamorous things on the planet. Man. My kingdom for going skiing with Drew next week.

Today, I started to figure out what its going to take to edit the footage that we shot this weekend. Its looking like an HDV deck and the weekend, as well as plenty of hard drive space, will be a good start. Speaking of good starts, the things I thought least likely to bring any attention in my sold this afternoon, which is sweet, because that puts $40 into my “Matt needs to pay a lot of bills really soon” fund. Nobody wants my monitors, though, not for any price, it seems. Id be happy to give them away, even, but that doesnt seem to be working. Weird that 21″ CRT monitors are so unsexy these days that you cant even give them away.

What else? Im in a bad mood and probably will be all week. Maybe its post-partum depression after having worked so hard on the movie this weekend. Maybe its the sting of being taken for granted. Maybe its the feeling that I have many things to do that I should have done long ago. Who knows? This, too, shall pass.

Just like this annoying loose cough that Ive had since I woke up this morning.