The weekend of shooting was stressful, tiring and extremely rewarding. Despite what sometimes seemed like my best efforts at the time to thwart it, the project got finished. Russ and I spent about 20 hours a day from Tuesday through Sunday working on pre-production and then production (and sometimes both in one day), but thats making movies, I guess, and I like it.

We couldnt have done it without the help of our small crew (Wade and Vanessa), a very forgiving cast and Karens baked goods, so that must now be noted. The support that everyone showed was amazing and humbling. Its also inspiring me to do the best I can to produce a great piece that uses their great work to the best of my ability. So thanks, guys.

Today Ive got ~2.5 hours of video to sort through and eventually edit, but first I have to get it to my computer. It may be more than Ive bargained for in terms of digitizing because Ive heard a rumor that the camera we used only supports digitizing from the same camera or from a deck thats nearly identical.

Enough of all this talk. Tomorrow Im back to normal, boring Matt. Thanks for putting up with this crap where theres nothing to watch.