Yesterday was a little closer than I wanted it to be (okay, a LOT closer than I wanted it to be), but I was so shocked by Jeremy Shockeys personality turnaround that I almost didnt notice the score for most of the game. In some way, its fitting that we won on a buzzer-beater, given the nature of the first game these two teams played. Anyway, on to the Saints. give em hell, Garcia and company.

BootieLA was awesome on Saturday night – best crowd in months and great sets from all involved. MysteriousDs first set might have been the best of the night, mainly because she was spinning newer stuff that hadnt been heard as much (or at all) before. Emily, Mario, Vanessa, Chip and Courtney all came eventually, and it was just fun all around.

Back to the grindstone here today. Gotta get to the bank so I dont bounce a check, gotta get plenty of work done because Im pretty far behind just in general on all things Wardrobe Supplies. Maybe I can even get a current joblist. Wouldnt that be hot?