So its been awhile since Ive updated, I guess. I hope your new years celebrations were awesome and that your Christmas revelry was as good. The last two weeks of my life have been busy as can be – lets say that its going to cost a lot of money to print the pictures that I took and Im sad that I took so few.

Casey left yesterday amid flight madness. It was great to have her visit, but long-distance relationships suck. Thats all Im going to say about that.

Im working on posting some Christmas pictures later on today, but Ive been ignoring work that I desperately need to do, so Im going to hit some of that first, now that my internet is back up. While it was down, I started to organize my pictures from the fall and winter and pick out the ones that Im planning to print. Ill probably select a subset of those to put up here for all to see. Also, I probably owe you an e-mail with pictures in it, so if thats the case, let me know and ill send you something.

Okay, Im off to get some work accomplished. Im back to updating regularly now that 2007 is fully in swing.