Ive been especially bad about updating recently because almost nothing happens in my life day in and day out, and yet I still manage to be busy with all of it. Im not too busy to update, mind you, but since nothing is happening…. Stupid, I know.

Im off tonight to visit Casey! Were going on a grand tour of the midwest, too! Im going to get to see the old homestead, the farm she grew up on! Ill feed the chickens and slop the hogs, I bet. Except that she didnt grow up anywhere near a farm, and its just because shes from the midwest that I expect her to live on a farm. Im going to see about getting her to at least wear some overalls while Im there. Thatd fulfill at least part of the fantasy. I know, I know – theres something wrong with me. Geh.

Keep an eye here for pics and updates from the road. I wish I had a tiny little laptop for trips like this one, where Im not going to need to do real work, but where Ill at least want to get online from wherever I am. Alas, no job, no money wins out over frivolous technology purchases again. Weak.

Thanks for stopping by!