I like sharing my birthday with my cousin – its like family solidarity. Jareds 27 today and Im 30. 30! Can you believe it?

Im lucky enough to be spending my Birthday with Casey this year, which means that Ive spent my last two birthdays in college houses, years and years after I left my own college house. What this may mean, I dont like to wonder.

I jest, of course, because in reality, its exactly what I want to be doing. Im happy for my 30s – Im curious about the things thatll change as well as those things that wont change that I was sure would be totally different. My 20s were a pretty good decade, all things considered, but I think my 30s might manage to be better. If everyone whos a regular visitor to Clapboard right now remains in my life and stays a friend of mine, Id say thats a pretty good insurance policy ensuring that things will stay pretty damn great.

Thanks for sticking around, everybody – thanks for being my friends, my confidants, my sounding boards. Who I am is largely defined by the history weve written, shaped on the forge of our friendship. It means a lot to me that youre all here, part of my life.

And happy 27, Sylva. You deserve it.