Crushing the Cowboys has never been more fun! Okay, it was extremely stressful for me all the way until :19 left in the 4th quarter, but good play won out over Dallas luck and some slanted officiating. Go Eagles.

It was a pretty good weekend on paper, at least, with an impromptu party here at the house on Friday and tons of pinot noir. Saturday was Stephs Birthday and then BootieLA, which was actually really fun, too. Mysterious D played a few songs in a row at the beginning of her set for me specifically, which is always nice. I want to be like “Hey, this is for me!” to everyone nearby, but then Id be THAT guy and Im already enough of a trainspotter as it is.

Im calling it an early night so I can get up early tomorrow. I have a lot that I have to accomplish this week, and not as many days as I need to do it. Ill keep you updated on my progress when Ive made my list tomorrow.