Four years after building my own and three and a half years after it stopped working with any regularity, I finally ordered a rental unit from the cable company and have the thing hooked up and playing. The Harmony 680 is happily humming along, seeming to work better than ever, actually, with the new configuration. The thing only has 160GB of HDD space, so I can only store a few hours of HD content, but whatever. Some is better than none. Now Ill be recording HD movies and such while Im out for later consumption. No online access and no offloading movies directly, but Im keeping my eyes out for hardware hacks.

In other news, no writing so far today (but the night is young, and maybe Ill get to it soon. Tech work kept me pretty busy today, and working on the new arrangement in the A/V system took a couple hours, too. I also read every comic on XKCD this morning because I was so amused by the guys style at that moment for some reason.

Okay, Im outta here. More crap later.