Man. The first half stressed me out. I was watching, complaining (I had that conversation with mom where shes like “calm down, its only a game you overdramatic idiot,” and I’m like “I don’t want to calm down – if I calm down I don’t care!” and its all bad. Whatever. The birds came back and played well in the 3rd quarter and that’s just about all we needed to pull ahead and crush the life out of the supposedly-dead GB Packers.

I also shot more brownie video today, but, infuriatingly, couldn’t play back the footage because my GD camera is jacked to the point of no return. Tomorrow is head cleaner purchase (like I can afford THAT) and then cleaning. Also, Ill spend some time getting advice online on how to re-align the heads of your Canon ZR-10, which is older than the hills and twice as dirty. Also, my brownies came out WONDERFULLY (I toor my own horn), and the footage that I DID get was great. Considering my lack of planning, it all turned out rather well.

Tomorrow is more writing, maybe a little bike ride, and then some MWS work to finish the template for HWN. I also want to rip all the video to my HDD and get with CS about his TShirt site. Gotta figure out the Dime thing, too. And maybe something about the MWS main page.