Me.  All me.The MySpace
revolution has claimed another victim. Ive been resisiting
for YEARS, but this proves that being an intentional luddite never
works for me. Clapboard is still going to be the only place I
update, and the only place that I check on a regular basis, but MySpace
has become a long nickname for the web – rather than just ask "are you
on the web?" people ask – are you on MySpace? So…. Here I am.
I tried to make it emulate Clapboard a little bit, what with the gray
coloring and all, and maybe if I do my long-planned look-overhaul, Ill
also change that page. Anyway, its there. Ive done
nothing in terms of friends or blog-writing or anything, Clapboard is
getting the first hit. If youre on MySpace, I invite you to add me, although I cant promise that Ill post witty things on your page like "Wot u doin hottie?" and stuff.

That said, its made me put back on Clapboard some photos of me that
were lost in some prior incarnation of the site. Check the Photo Gallerys new "Ego" section
for pics. I also invite you to send me pics of me that you think
should be online. I promise to put them up, especially if they
make me look stupid or lacivious or both. Anything that might help to
ruin the chance Id have at being president would be great.