I dont really know what to make of it yet, actually, given that the
whole week was me supervising the move, doing computers, etc. As
Ive said before, the rate is very low, but the work this week was a
breeze, and Im not really feeling particularly responsible, so thats
a good thing. I havent messed anything up and they seem to like me, so
thats good.

Now its the weekend, almost 9pm and, typical friday in LA, no one is
calling me back. A little annoying, but Im so used to it now
that its almost pointless to mention. Tomorrow, Ill go down to
the beach to play volleyball probably because its supposed to be nice
out there. Well see if anything else comes to fruition for the
weekend. If theres no going out tonight, theres almost
definitely early beach tomorrow and some writing, as I got none done
all week. Also, I really want to hang my mirror. lets see
how that goes.

Happy Friday night!