Im sick of moving! The office move is done, of course, but still
linger issues relating to the move – address changes, phone issues,
questions about the space, etc. My house is better, of course,
but even there Im feeling the emptiness of the place in a palpable way
– I just want it to be done, for everything to be in and settled.
Frustrating, but natural, I guess. Better to have too much space
than too little, I guess, especially when money is the constricting

I played with MySpace some over the last couple days, and its fine,
but theres very little that Im going to do to the thing thats unique
at all. Its mostly a replacement for e-mail and a way to put
pictures online. The people who use it dont tend to blog much,
so even though its nice as a blog aggregator, its sort of useless as
well. Well see what happens.

Also, related to Sharons post on the boards (that almost made me cry),
I added WaWa as my friend on MySpace, but they have yet to approve my
friend request. So far, Ive also turned down one friend request,
but it was from a band guy who Id never heard of. Im not into
collecting random friends, I guess. Mostly, I just want to know
what people I know are up to, and MySpace is an interesting, decidedly
un-geeky way to do it. If social networking websites, blogging,
digital photos and web design can be considered un-geeky.

Im supposed to go see a band tonight, but its looking doubtful, as
Im still at work for another hour or so and Im also retardedly
tired.  Well see.