Yesterday was pretty much me supervising the move at Signature.
They moved from the Bev Connection up to Sunset basically across from
the Standard. Better for me, but a pain in the ass till they
finish the construction on Laurel Canyon. I wish they
would. I dont mind a day or two like this, but much more would
drive me nuts. I think itll end just in time for me to deal with
the phones, about which I know nothing. Should be educational.

Anyway, Im taking tools in today, mostly because I just want to make
sure things get hung up properly. Maybe thatll inspire me to
friggin shave my bathroom door. Probably not. Last night,
I finished up way later than Id have liked, but its all going in the
equation of good and bad – is it worth going back after Ems
graduation? Dunno yet. Ill need more time there.

In the meantime, Ive already fallen behind on MWS adds, but Im working on them. Gotta work harder.