I banged out the first act of my current screenplay, finishing right on
the money on Sunday morning. I did mess with the script a little
bit last night, too, so Im officially in the second act, but the
milestone of finishing the first act made me happy. Now getting
to the milestone of the end of the script seems a little more possible,
albeit very likely far away. I havent written a script in over a
year, and it feels good to be writing again, even though I know its
not going anywhere.

Im working with the title "Changing Stars" but I think it might be way
too damn cheesy. Whatever, at least all my characters have
names. Thats a big thing for me. Titles and names are
tough for some reason.

Mostly, the next couple of days are about getting my act together with
the work that I have currently in order to get through a chunk of it
before I start the Signature thing on Wednesday or Thursday. Then
its back to "10:up early, 20:work, 30:shower, 40:work, 50:home,
60:sleep, 70:goto 10" for awhile. Fun!