So I have a job, at least temporarily.

Signature Pictures, the company that I worked for during the summer of
03 on Imaginary Heroes has resurfaced in the form of a place that Im
going to go for a few weeks to fill in while a guy I know is out of
town. Id be excited, except A) its only temporary and B) its a
REALLY low-paying job. I cant take it full-time, and the
prevailing thought process there seems to be "take your low wage and
appreciate it." I dont want to be a dissenter, but, umm… no?

Anyway, its depressing to think about how much money someone thinks
Im worth and then to realize that Ive just agreed to do that
job. Its also a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy, I think, so
Ill have to leave as soon as I can. Im going to give it two
weeks, then see how it goes from there. Probably Ill start Tuesday or
Wednesday – well see what happens.  Even though Im not
remotely excited, I guess I have to post here, right?  This is my blog, afterall.   Maybe I can
make back some of that $800 that the fucking IRS stole.