If you checked my away messages at all yesterday, you probably noticed that they all had to do with cooking, eating, drinking, ham, shopping or prepping, and deduced from that that I was cooking easter dinner. Elementary, my dear Sherlock! Congratulations.

Dinner was actually very good, although smaller than anticipated by at least one and maybe two people. The vibe was just right, though, and we ate and talked and drank (and drank and drank, it turns out) and talked and then played volleyball in my yard (weird in the dark) and then came in and talked some more. Even though it wasn’t a late
night, really, I was exhausted, as wine and cooking seem to do that to me.

The ham was great, the mashed taters came out tasting like a little mashed slice of heaven, the gingerale salad was interesting, although not as cohesively perfect as it usually is because I changed the recipe a little and I think the end result was slightly mismatched, the green beans were cooked just right and the bunny cake was adorable. I
even made frosting from scratch. I made about 5x too much, though. I’m a freak. Ah well.

Anyway, I have a picture or two of the office in which I now sit that Im going to post sooner or later, so get ready for that. No movement on the job front (no forward movement), although I did find out that the Signature job isn’t officially gone, but its not
officially there, either. I did talk to Brad about doing some computer work for Andy’s empire, though, so that’s cool. Maybe a little more money. Now, if they’d just process my check and get me money for my job in NYC, I’d be happy. For awhile.