Fredonia OfficeCould
you think of a less-exciting photo update that I could be doing right
now? I know, I know. Unfortunately, given that I now spend
most of my time here, its a big deal to me. Check the Fredonia Photo Album (page 4 & beyond) for the latest pics.

Ive also put up a flash movie of a spin around the office – its weird
because its .mpg format and I dont know how to embed that directly
into a webpage, so Im putting up the flash instead. Check that
out by clicking here.

Thats about it. There have been a slew of changes at MWS that
have kept me busy this morning and a promise to have a wire transfer
done this afternoon, so Ill be calling in short order about that as
well. Maybe I can get my proposal done and some of this new thing
written before the day slams to a close. Well see.