Not for what Ive been doing, but for the fact that all I WANT to do is
sit around and watch movies or play videogames. I havent done
that, though. Instead, Ive:

  • done banking to finally pay rent
  • finally filled out a change-of-address form
  • put more effort into my office, integrating more stuff and making more decisions
  • integrated files from my work computer and laptop back onto my workstation
  • taken charge of my many traffic violations and come to terms with when and how they must be dispatched
  • caught up on important news in the lives of friend and family
  • continued to organize and adjust to get the house in order
  • sent Relativity-related e-mails out to intro the new guy and to say goodbye to people

Not a terrible day so far, considering that Ive spent more than three
hours on the phone, too. Note the lack of "sleeping" on this
list, and the lack of "watching movies". I got up at
4:45am. Goddamnit. Now Im off to do more
organization. I think that some of the shit Ive done doesnt
actually work, so Im going to have to re-do it, but not until
everything is SOMEPLACE. After everything has a place, I can
worry a little about whether its the right place.

Im going to finish this weekend come hell or high water.  And
with all the damn rain, its seeming like the latter might try to