Today is my last day of work!

Yup. Just had to say it. Im heading off to work in a few
minutes, and Im online at home for the first time in forever so I
figured I could exult for a minute.

Anyway, thanks for putting up with me through this and Im sorry I
havent been more interesting. Maybe Ill become more interesting
now that Im done there. Unlikely, I know, as Ive never really
been interesting, but still. Time to pack up the laptop and head
off. Im supposed to have drinks tonight, but I feel like the
odds are pretty good that everyone will bail but me and Carlos, so
itll be something much more low key.

Also, why ARE gas prices so high?  Are we anticipating the start
of the new hurricane season?  I hate gas companies – we all knew
that as soon as they went up (artifically, of course) after Katrina,
theyd never come down again.  Go figure.