Kauffman tried to confusle, contort and confound me over the number and order of weekends in April, and, much to my amazement, it turns out that theres an extra weekend in April. Thank goodness for calendars and simple arithmetic. Anyway, it gives me a little more time to work on my house than I thought Id have, given that I will likely be in New York the second weekend of the month and that I also would like to go paintballing sometime, too. Anyway, totally random, but Im happy for the extra weekend in April.

The Great Unpacking is going excrutiatingly slowly, but at least its moving. Each day another small thing gets done, and thats about all I can expect when Im working full time. I have a guy coming to help me run network cable this weekend, which is great because Ive never done it before, and because he has an in-wall snake that he can bring.

Lastly for now, last.fm is cool, but a lot of my music isnt tagged, and I dont know why. So unfortunately, the list is weirdly skewed. Check out my last.fm page (opens in a new window) to better understand what Im talking about. Im currently listening to Tchaikovsky here at work, for example, and since the site cant read the MP3s tags, its not displaying. I dont actually listen to Aerosmith more than anyone but Dean Gray, but for some reason, theyre very popular on my chart at the moment. Whatever, its yet another way to be self-obsessed.