Flicman: you got hacked!
Flicman: jealous ex girlfriend!
archibaldQ: heh. wouldnt that suck. hacked for like 5 emails.
archibaldQ: hmm… ex girlfriends
archibaldQ: about as far from hackers as you can get, without being a retarded inuit left on an iceflow
Flicman: well, didnt you date one of those too?
archibaldQ: yeah. but only for a day. albeit an arctic day.
Flicman: i heard it was a torrid affair.
archibaldQ: it was a torroidal affair. she really liked donuts.
Flicman: heeheehee
Flicman: you have a PROBLEM.
Flicman: honestly
archibaldQ: a fat, retarded eskimo problem, apparently
Flicman: Im posting this snippet of conversation on clapboard right now.