In just about six hours, my plane takes off for New York City for my quick weekend trip. Im still fighting whatever low-grade thing Ive had for the last week or so, and it might simply be lack of sleep. Well see how the weekend goes, but Im sure of one thing, and thats that theres not going to be a lot of rest while Im there.

Today has been slow at work, with no news still on the thing Ive been waiting and working on for a month now. Its getting annoying, but since the New Year is so close, it almost feels like a moot point. Ill reload over Christmas and start taking shots again as soon as January comes. Its not the fastest process, but its a process that I have to start, for the sake of my own sanity.

Otherwise, nothing good to report. Ive got some vague feeling that next week is going to be as busy as this week, but thats okay – I think I actually need to be busier in some respects than Ive been. Maybe focused busy-ness is the way to go. Only, umm, how do I make that happen?