NYC_120305So I made it. Its been a busy morning so far, but busy has also meant productive, so its a good feeling. I’m sitting in the back office at MWS right now, waiting on Quickbooks to install.

This mornings meeting with Russ was awesome – we talked shop and I got a little insight into my project that I hope to continue tonight and into tomorrow. Now all I have to do is write it while the ideas are fresh and I’ll be golden. Not that the thing is anywhere near complete, but still, it’s taken a good step, and that’s a positive thing. How people write screenplays in a week is beyond me. I guess that’s why they’re the pros and I’m just a doofus with a pen and a keyboard.

Tonight is looking like its going to shape up nicely – Russ’ dinner was canceled, so were going to hop out on the town and see about haunting the old spots. I hope that a shower revives me, because I can already feel myself fading pretty fast, which is a shame, but sort of inevitable. Last time I managed to rally, though, and even though I’m a whole year older now than I was then, I think I can still strap on the gameface and have a good time. Well see. Ill let the pictures tell the tale.
I don’t know – it sounded good at the time.