I feel like one of the most frequent topics that I talk about here is efficiency. Maybe thats not true, but Im pretty sure it is. I spend much (most?) of my time feeling like Im wasting it, and Im pretty sure thats not normal. Is it?

I was thinking this morning that I dont take enough pictures. I was looking over various shoots that Ive done in my time on this earth, and thinking about how a year has gone by in Hollywood and Ive pretty much shot nothing here. I havent had many events to shoot, and Ive never been that good at just shooting things because theyre there.

I guess the busy holiday season is as good a time as any to consider how busy I am, right? Travel to NYC again this weekend, no partying on Friday night (Im probably too old to be partying on Friday nights anyway), and then working all day Saturday, at least. Im looking at half a day of work on Sunday, then maybe some time getting into the Christmas swing by checking out the sights on 5th Ave and maybe the tree and the skating at Rockefeller Plaza. Well just have to see.

If I had enough time to focus on anything, Id make a list of things to get “accomplished” today, but theyd be inconsequential things. I guess the idea is that all these little things will eventually build into something bigger, or that at least some of them will. Also, there have to be a few things on the list that take care of the various administrative issues in my life (“write/mail checks” or “wash underwear”).

While Im in this mood, Im off to get some of those things done (not the washing of the underwear, though). Happy December, everyone!